<![CDATA[Zeppelin Naming Consultancy® - Why Hire A Professional Namer]]>Wed, 15 May 2024 03:38:27 -0700Weebly<![CDATA[Choosing a brand name is like choosing an outfit. Here's what we mean.]]>Mon, 10 Jul 2023 14:10:32 GMThttp://zeppelinnaming.com/why-you-need-a-professional-namer/choosing-a-brand-name-is-like-choosing-an-outfit-heres-what-we-meanImagine you have a special event or party coming up.  One of the first things to consider (or maybe it's last for you, but still nevertheless important), is your outfit. So, what are you wearing?  

The button down, or polo? 
The blue tie, or the black?
The sparkly gown, or the LBD?

What impression do you want to give? Even when dressing on a daily basis, you have the option to choose. And laying out different outfits from your wardrobe, and choosing the one to present yourself with is a lot like choosing your brand or product name—and how the whole brand will present itself, for that matter.

Now, the outfit won't tell the whole story. And neither can a name. People at the party will have to get to know you; your personality is not based entirely on your name, or the outfit you wear. But the outfit can give off a signal. So, what signal do you want to send? Green shirt or red shirt? Black-on-black or cheetah print? 

There's no wrong answer. They're just different. (Just take a look at the MET Gala outfits that celebrities plan each year. Your brand is kind of like that.) Even in a family of products, or in the most “unsexy” types of businesses, there's still an impression worth making. Still something to communicate. 

Consider us your personal stylist, picking and choosing more than a few options that fit the message you're hoping to send. And with outfits, and as with with names, it might help to have a few backups, just in case. So, what outfit do you want your brand to wear? 
If you have questions, thoughts, comments, or ideas, please reach out. 

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<![CDATA[5 Reasons Why Companies Struggle To Name Their Brand]]>Sun, 19 Feb 2023 20:07:09 GMThttp://zeppelinnaming.com/why-you-need-a-professional-namer/5-reasons-why-companies-struggle-to-name-their-brandWhy do marketing teams struggle with brand naming? 

Some struggle to find the time. Others don't really want to deal with it. After all, there might be more exciting or productive tasks on the table. Other times, all the ideas or suggestions thrown-out at random don't seem to feel right. (Perhaps because there's no criteria for evaluating them? Ask us about name-decision making if you're interested in learning more.) 

Other times, even if a team has spent the time, it might be spent inefficiently or without structure, which is when frustration and impatience bubble up. Naming shouldn't be that hard, should it? Even for a seasoned namer, it can be. But that's part of what makes us good at it. 

Let's dive into a few top reasons teams struggle when naming their brand: 

  1. They don’t know where to look for options. The dictionary or thesaurus is one place to start, and a specialized dictionary or thesaurus is even better. But those resources are just the tip of the iceberg. 

    Finding a great brand name isn’t always about flipping through various lexicons to find words. It’s flipping through concepts, and ideas, stories, and metaphors that can lead to unexpectedly delightful, practical, or perfectly descriptive brand names.

    A namer will likely have dozens of word lists and resources on hand, and can help you sort through the personas or categories of what your name can be. 

  2. They choose words or ideas that are overused. There are some really, really cool words out there. We're talking the types of words that make a logophile swoon. And chances are, if you come across one of these cool words for your company or product, somebody else has too, so they're usually a no-go. 

    For instance, "cascade" is a really cool word, right? "Tapestry" is also kind of unusual and conceptual. And anything with names of stars, planets, or Greek or Roman gods can also be of interest, but it's almost never going to be available from a trademark perspective. Not always -- but usually. 

  3. They try to be like everyone else. Apple worked because it wasn’t like everyone else. If you say you just want to be “like Apple,” you’re not really thinking about you…are you? Currently we are loving the brand Cadence, a company that creates travel containers that has fully leaned into the idea their brand name creates. The URL is even KeepYourCadence.com, peppering in that extra layer to the motif. 

    So, what truly makes your brand different?

    The story is plain and simple: If you want to be similar to what another brand is doing, it's going to cause confusion, and do you no favors in the long run. Why not take this opportunity to craft something truly own, and fully lean into without feeling like a copy? 

  4. They haven’t spent enough time on naming. An hour-long brainstorm session for name ideas might work if you're naming your team your trivia team. However, if you're diving into brand strategy and verbal identity, you can expect it will take more time. 

    Time to ensure something is available. Time to explore possible ideas. Time to inherently lower the risk, and time to present to stakeholders, and get approval. So c
    onsider those early thought-starters are jumping off points: perfect to hand-off to a namer, who can then follow the path of where they lead. 

  5. They’re unsure of their brand's persona. Often times, this means there's no there's no alignment on it among key stakeholders. The business idea, the tech, and the team may be there, but someone has got to decide who you are, and how you’re going to talk to your customers.

    In an economic ecosystem that's swimming with distractions and baiting for customer attention, how will your brand show up? A vital question to answer to before getting started with the naming process. 

Are these points something your company, business, or team has encountered? Is there something else that makes naming a struggle? If so, it might be time to step back and look into how a namer can help. 

Start by learning more about the services Zeppelin Naming Consultancy by downloading the service guide
<![CDATA[Why You Need A Professional Namer]]>Fri, 07 Jan 2022 23:27:16 GMThttp://zeppelinnaming.com/why-you-need-a-professional-namer/why-you-need-a-professional-namerWhy hire a pro namer in a nutshell. Let's talk about it. 
​Sometimes you get lucky and a great name comes to you. According to the story, Whitney Wolfe, the founder of Bumble, spent weeks brainstorming when the dating app's name was one day suggested by someone on her team. 

Sometimes, you go in with a desired name, such as Elon Musk did with Tesla. (He had to acquire it, by the way, for $75K. The backup name was Faraday.)

Other times, you start out with one name, and realize quickly that you need a rebrand, as the founders of Policygenius told Guy Raz in a "How I Built This" episode.  

And other times, you're at a complete and utter loss for a name. And that can happen if you're rebranding, or just starting out. So what next? A naming professional can help uncover a name that works as a foundation for your brand. Here are 6 reasons why you would hire a pro: 

1- You need someone who knows the -ins and -outs of the naming process. 
Yes, there's a process and a structure, and frankly a science that can help you feel good about the name for your company. When you go through the steps, from launch, to the final decision, it helps to have a neutral and informative guide by your side. 

2 - Someone who *won't* just give you a list of words. 
A word doc. with a list of names is kind of disappointing at this point, don't you think? 

3 -You need a second brain who can really dedicate hours of time and energy focused on this one thing, while you do other things for your business.
You've got THINGS to do. You don't really have the time to dedicate hours on end researching words, etymologies, flipping through specialty thesauruses and dictionaries. Or maybe you do, and that's never a bad thing. But let a second set of eyes, an astute thinking brain do some deep-diving and see what comes to the surface. 

4 - You need someone who's familiar with trademark law. 
We're not lawyers here at Zeppelin, nor are we pretending to be. But we sure understand that some words (ahem...most real English words depending on your industry) are going to be harder to trademark in certain industries than others. Save time on your end with someone who pre-screens select naming options that work. 

5 - You need someone who can give you options you would have never thought of. 
There's a lot of directions and themes your brand could go down. There are also a lot of words. It's our job to find ones, create new ones, and discover tones, sounds, and spellings that fit the image of the brand you're building. After all, a name is simply one quick connotation of what the rest of the brand can grow to be. 

6 - Finally, you need someone who can GUIDE you toward a decision you're happy with. 
When it's decision-making time, having a neutral third-party with proven steps on how to evaluate names, and how to pick one (well, actually more than one - like Musk, you'll need backups.) It's someone who can teach you how to move forward, rather than stay stuck in a hyperloop of indecision.  

If one or more of the above resonates, you're in good hands. At Zeppelin Naming Consultancy, we're here to help navigate you through the wide universe of naming, and bring your brand name to new heights. Reach out with your project at hello@zeppelinnaming.com.